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Ladonna McAbee

God can be a very funny man sometimes. Just when you think you have your life planned & everything is going smoothly – you become a mama a little earlier than you planned. Our family worked together for this special event. My husband says to me: “you need to come back home, our family needs you home, maybe you can find a way to make money at home”. I always said when my 1st grand baby drops, I’m going to retire. I knew it was too soon for me to retire. I wanted to do something that I could do at home, with a baby, flexible and create a growing business.

I started selling on line & wanted to help our environment as well. We take our environment for granted. Educating each other is the key to learn what is really going on with the resources of our environment.

That grandson is now 16 years – the oldest of 4 & I’m still working my small business & loving every minute of it.


When you buy from my small business you're helping me keep up with football, basketball, volleyball, trips to the park & pool. I strive to keep my family flourish & the environment clean & viable.